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    16 Hilarious Tweets About The Women Of "Harry Potter"

    "When I read Harry Potter in school, I identified with Harry, but now reading it as an adult, I fear I may be the girl who cries in the toilet."

    1. Fun fact:

    2. Let's not:

    3. Same:

    4. This:

    5. And this one:

    fleur delacour? haven't heard that name in years...

    6. Safety first:

    7. Rowling for life:

    8. Truth:

    9. About time:

    10. Hurricane Hermine = Hermione:

    11. Poor Luna:

    12. Sounds entertaining:

    13. Cordial:

    14. Tsk, tsk, Voldy:

    15. But what if:

    16. And this tweet, which all of the women from Harry Potter can relate to: