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18 Tweets That Will Make Hufflepuffs Smile From Ear To Ear

"My mother is drunk. I walked into the kitchen to find her having aligned the potatoes in size order."

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1. This pudgy mouse that just wants to eat and relax.

2. This potato-loving mom.

3. This adorable dog realizing he's FaceTiming with his family.

4. This dog and his BFF, Santa.

5. These chickens and their tiny pancakes.

6. This bird that just gives you the giggles.

7. This girl who loved her fish.

8. This girl and her hotdog dreams.

9. This pup and his walk of pets.

10. This guy who figured out garlic bread.

11. This dog and its cardboard cutout.

12. This dog and his new friend.

13. This person and their genius Taco Bell plan.

14. This Easter Bunny and his dog friends.

15. This guy at a party.

16. These cats who had too good of a time.

17. This bear dancing his heart away.

18. And finally, this dog and his donut.