Here's A Calculator That Tells You How Long It Takes You To Watch An Entire TV Series, And, TBH, I'm Judging Myself

    Wow, I do need to leave my couch.

    TBH, you should never judge yourself for watching too much TV because TV loves you just as much as you love it.

    BUT there's a new AT&T Internet Data Calculator that tells you exactly how much time it would take you to watch an entire show...and, well, now it's pretty hard not to judge yourself when you're looking at the cold, hard facts.

    The calculator pulls from a list of 50 shows and episodes from up until mid-2017.

    Wanna rewatch all of Law & Order: SVU on Netflix? That would take you 15.6 days...if you took zero bathroom breaks.

    What about Mad Men? That's just 9.1 eight-hour workdays of pretending to work, or 3.0 straight days of doing nothing but staring at a bunch of suits.

    How about something a little more lighthearted, like That '70s Show? All you have to do is set aside two hours a night for 36.7 nights and you could get through that entire bad boy.

    Wanna cry for 204 hours or 25.5 eight-hour workdays? Well then watch some of that sweet, sweet Grey's Anatomy.

    And finally, this is hard to believe, but it would only take you 229 hours (or 9.5 straight days) to get through 618 episodes of The Simpsons.

    So go forth and spend all of your time watching TV! You deserve it!