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17 "Harry Potter" Butterbeer Foods You Can Get From All Around The US

Happiness can be found at the bottom of a glass of Butterbeer.

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Here's the thing — Butterbeer is warming and delicious, but it's hard to get your hands on. (Mostly because we can't all head over to Universal Studios whenever we want.)

So, to solve our liquid gold dilemma, we teamed up with Yelp to find some of the best spots to buy Butterbeer-inspired food and drinks in the US. The below list was determined by identifying businesses — excluding large chains or those associated with the Harry Potter franchise — with a large concentration of reviews mentioning the word "Butterbeer." Then, the businesses were decided on by using a number of factors, including the total volume and ratings of reviews.

From cocktails to ice cream to donuts, here are 17 places across the US to find some of the best Butterbeer products.

1. Butterbeer donut and cupcake from Parlour Vegan Bakery in Plantation, FL

Kimberly C. / Via

"We got an iced coffee, americano, spinach empanada, Butterbeer donut and a large cinnamon roll. The donut — wow, that was so incredible!" —Yelper Shan W.

2. Butterbeer ice cream from Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream in San Francisco, CA

Lana N. / Via, Humphry Slocombe / @seanvahey

"The 'Butterbeer' (Anchor Steam beer with butter) was my favorite. I haven't been to Orlando to taste Harry Potter's Butterbeer yet, but I imagine it tastes just like this. It's like butterscotch candy meets ice-cold beer. You have to try it!" —Yelper Melisa C.


3. Butterbeer cocktail from Sotto in Los Angeles, CA

"I love it! If you love sweet cocktails, try that! Their house-made whipped cream has a hint of salt in it, and the butterscotch is sweet. I finished the drink so fast, and it was like a dessert." —Yelper Wen-Hsin C.

5. Butterbeer cappuccino from Trade and Lore in Charlotte, NC

Bf A. / Via

"I got the spiced Butterbeer cappuccino. I've had different versions of Butterbeer before, and this one was definitely different, but in a good way. They really add flavor to your drink, so expect a kick in whatever you get. Not only is the flavor there, but their presentation makes the experience that much better." —Yelper Denise K.

6. Butterbrew whipped cream and Butterbrew latte from Bad Owl Coffee in Henderson, NV

Alexandra W. / Via, Kim. P / Via

"Butterbrew latte! That alone was worth the trip from LV. As for the Butterbrew cream they serve with waffles, I had childlike fantasies about devouring it straight from the dispenser." —Yelper Tiffiny K.


7. Butterbeer from Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery in Seattle, WA


"This is magic. I got the non-alcoholic version, but I don't think it made a difference in how much I would have enjoyed this drink. It's a rich, relaxing, and very fragrant drink. Think melted butterscotch." —Yelper Kat P.

8. Butterbeer float from Cauldron Ice Cream in Santa Ana, CA

Cauldron Ice Cream / Via,

"I got the Butterbeer float and my friend got the Rose H2O. My Butterbeer float was really tasty, and it fueled my inner Harry Potter." —Yelper Tom V.

Call ahead — the butterbeer has limited runs!

10. Butterbeer donuts from Donut Bar in San Diego, CA

Jessica S. / Via

"I got the Harry Potter themed Butterbeer donut — it was almost too good to eat! ALMOST. It was just as good to eat as it looked! I can't wait to go back!" —Yelper Samantha S.


12. Butterbeer latte from Sunrise Coffee in Las Vegas, NV

Taylor S. / Via

"My favorite so far is the Butterbeer latte. It's not insanely sweet like some of the ones I've had at Starbucks. It's perfect!" —Yelper Taylor S.

Call ahead — the butterbeer is seasonal!

13. Butterbeer-infused Black Magic ice cream from Freeze San Diego in San Diego, CA

"I got the Black Magic, which is a charcoal Butterbeer ice cream with tiny butterscotch morsels. The Butterbeer taste was on point, just like how I had it at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios." —Yelper Jenny L.

14. Butterbeer snow cone from SnoWhat in Louisville, KY

Facebook: SnoWhatLOU

"My favorite is the Butterbeer (with cream on top)! The ladies are super friendly, awesome, and all around fantastic. I shall say again, MY FAVORITE THING IN LOUISVILLE!!!!!" —Yelper Marcia V.


16. Butterbeer (with ginger beer) from The Bad Apple in Chicago, IL

Jessica Line / The Bad Apple

"The Butterbeer, while not creamy, had flavors that were definitely reminiscent of what I imagined from Harry Potter: alcoholic ginger beer mixed with butterscotch schnapps. This drink is perfect for cooler weather." —Yelper Allison B.

17. Butterbeer latte from Muggles' Mug in Jim Thorpe, PA,

"I'm so glad I followed the Yelp reviews to this coffee shop because, as a Harry Potter nerd, I was geeking out. The Butterbeer latte was delicious, and the barista was very helpful to explain everything. The decor and Harry Potter playlist were also a great touch to complete the whole vibe." —Yelper Inayah L.

Note: submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.