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Someone Pretended To Be Ross Geller After Getting A Text From A Stranger

Hello, this is Ross Geller at your service.

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...then "Ross" tried to guess which of his five friends he was talking to, because certainly this couldn't be someone named "Sasha"...

Somebody sent me the boy from my class's phone number, and I mixed up a few of the numbers. And that's just the number I ended up with ... I was like, wait, 'This is the wrong number.'


BuzzFeed spoke with 26-year-old Brian Loushin, the texting "Ross Geller," who says the idea to respond as Ross came to him right away.

I was honestly expecting it to flop immediately, and definitely after I asked to meet her at Central Perk. That seemed so obvious to me because even if you have only seen a few shows you would probably know that place. She didn't respond very quickly after I told her to meet at Central Perk so I tried to bait the hook again and she bit.

As for whether or not Brian will text Sasha in the future, he says he's "messed with her enough."