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26 Hilarious Harry Potter Jokes That Say What We're All Thinking About Him

Honestly, I don't get this kid sometimes.

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1. Dummy:

Harry Potter wakes up in hospital. "Welcome back. You've been in a coma for 8 years" says the doctor. "You ran face first into a wall lmao"

2. Good sense of people:

DUMBLEDORE: Now, give a warm welcome to our new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor, Lucifer Serpentine HARRY: I bet this dude is great

3. "is this u":

Tumblr / slaphat

4. What are you doing?:

5. Pull it together:

[harry potter pulled over drunk driving] HARRY: expecto patronum. pretend u were driving [stag gets behind the wheel] STAG: u have a problem

6. Come on:

7. Smh:

Top 3 things Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley aren't good at: 1 Naming children 2 Naming children 3 Naming children

8. Where am I?:

9. Snape 5ever:

10. Mkay:

11. You deserve this:

12. Massive eyeroll:

13. Burn:

14. Ouch, another one:

15. But who am I?:

16. Not this again:

17. Observant:

18. Do better:

Warner Bros. / Via Instagram: @hermionegrainger

19. Do a lot better:

Tumblr / casisinlovewithdean

20. Hmm, I've seen that somewhere:

21. How the tides have turned:

22. Good student:

Tumblr / teaburger

23. Take a breather:

Every year Harry Potter goes to school and somebody tries to kill me. Bro stay home 1 year, take a break, kick your shoes off,watch Netflix.

24. Sounds about right:

Harry Potter had a spell for defogging his glasses but not for eliminating the need for glasses

25. The burns won't stop coming:

Don't worry if you peaked in high school. So did Harry Potter

26. Dumbass:

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