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    This 9-Year-Old Girl Is Reading "Harry Potter" For The First Time, And She's Writing Down All Her Questions

    "Snape is suspishous."

    For many Harry Potter fans, we remember what it was like reading the series for the first time.

    Well, Ellie, a 9-year-old girl from St. Louis, Missouri, just started reading the books, and she's been writing down her thoughts along the way. And, spoiler, they're so freakin' cute.

    After Ellie's mother, Teresa Eschmann, saw that her daughter was writing questions about Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on little pieces of paper, Eschmann sent a photo of a note to her sister-in-law, and it eventually ended up on Reddit.

    "In class, her teacher is trying to get them to wonder and question as they read. Sometimes the teacher has said to write things down," Eschmann told BuzzFeed. "She decided to take this questioning very seriously and had a bundle of little pieces of white paper."

    "She would scribble something down every time she read. It wasn't until I saw a few notes sticking out of the book that I figured out what she was doing."

    When Ellie's not writing her notes, Eschmann says her daughter leaves them "rolled up very tightly" like scrolls next to all the other Harry Potter books on the family's shelf.

    "The books [she's reading are] the books I read when the series first came out," said Eschmann. "I remember wondering what Snape was up to also! It just made me smile to see her have that same experience, two decades later."

    And what did Ellie think of the first book?

    She was pretty impressed that Dumbledore came and visited Harry in the hospital. She stayed up late to finish the first book. Then she begged me to let her stay up even later and start the second one. I made her wait until the next day. Needless to say, she's hooked.

    My heart. It has melted.