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Let’s Talk About How Much The Benihana Couple On “The Office” Sucks

Answer me this: Why wouldn't you just move over one seat?

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But we shouldn't be hating on Toby or Gabe or anyone like that. We should be hating on...


Reddit user TheIdesofApril posted about the couple and how they didn't move over one measly seat so Dwight could sit next to the rest of the group, and it reminded me how truly annoyed I get with them every time I watch that episode.

In case you've forgotten about the technicalities of the scene, here is a rundown of the events that led up to the the couple's treachery:

* Michael, Andy, Jim, and Dwight go to Benihana for lunch because Michael is sad that Carol broke up with him.

* As they're all going to sit down at a table, Dwight tries to sit next to Michael but he is pushed away by Andy.

* He then tries to sit in the fourth chair near the group, but a man — who I will refer to as "Benihana Villain #1" — sits down in the chair before Dwight can.

* Dwight explains to Benihana Villain #1 that he'd like that chair, but the man doesn't move.

* Dwight ends up sitting at the end of the table away from his group.

Now, listen, I'm not blind to the comedy of this scene. The scene was written that way, and if it weren't written that way, then we wouldn't get to see Dwight awkwardly shouting over the table so he can be a part of his co-workers' conversations.

But if we pretend for a second that this is real life and not a scripted comedy, then can we all just take a moment to talk about how RUDE Benihana Villains #1 and #2 are?


I mean, who does that? After realizing that you're the reason that someone can't sit with their friends, wouldn't you be a decent human being and move over just one seat?


Yes, Michael did tell Dwight to stop bothering the couple and find a new seat, but that doesn't take away from the fact that they should have realized what was happening and slid over three feet.

And it definitely doesn't take away from the fact that they seem to be 100% annoyed with Dwight when they have no right to be. Why? BECAUSE THEY CHOSE TO CONTINUE SITTING THERE.

I get that this is just a TV show and these are fictional people, but...COME ON.