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18 Accessories For Anyone Who Loves Netflix More Than Humans

I just want to sit on my couch and not talk.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A cute Netflix pin to let people know where your priorities are at.

Printventory / Via

Get it from Printventory on Etsy for $10.

2. A Black Mirror phone case to signal which episode you've watched a bajillion times.

Enthusiastica / Via

Get it from Enthusiastica for $19.95.

3. Netflix temporary tattoos because you want your truth written on your body.

LoveAndLion / Via

Get them from Love and Lion for $5.

4. A Stranger Things necklace to warn people what you'll call them behind their backs.

CustomYourItems / Via

Get it from Custom Your Items for $14.19.

5. And an Eleven pin to keep everyone in check.

Punkypins / Via

Get it from Punky Pins for $7.75.

6. This bag that let's everyone in your life know that you will always try to avoid them.

SassyGalsWisdom / Via

Get it from Sassy Gals Wisdom for $28.

7. An Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt necklace that tells people what's what.

SwimmingUnicorn / Via

Get it from Swimming Unicorn for $18.97.

8. A collection of Gilmore Girls pins to alert everyone that a Stars Hollow stan is walking through.

CopperBoomStudioLtd / Via

9. Rory and her boyfriend earrings to match your daily mood.

TheFoxyHipster / Via

Get them from The Foxy Hipster for $16.

10. And keychains to let your BFF know you still have a heart even though you don't always want to go outside.

KnoxOnWoodTN / Via

Get them from Knox On Wood for $32.

11. A Full House/Fuller House pin that will make you sing "Everywhere You Look" every time you stare at it.

BabelikePress / Via

Get it from Babe Like Press for $10.

12. This Orange is the New Black keychain because you're loyal AND you love food.

glamgirlspretties / Via

Get it from Glam Girls Pretties for $14.

13. And these Crazy Eyes earrings so that you know she'll always be close to you.

TheFoxyHipster / Via

Get them from The Foxy Hipster for $10.

14. Netflix and chill patches that signal how much you're into sitting and not talking.

SnitchesGetStitchez / Via

Get them from Snitches Get Stitchez for $10 each.

15. A swear jar pin that will make you feel close to Luke Cage and your computer even when you're not.

inkedwellpress / Via

Get it from Inkedwell for $8.

16. And these Daredevil hair pins to let people know that you can and will fight them.

HoneysuckleRoseC / Via

Get them from Honeysuckle Rose Creations for $12.

17. An Arrested Development hat that will put a weird pep in your step.

MagM8z / Via

Get it from MagM8z for $19.74.

18. And finally, a pin of Jessica Jones, the woman who is the queen of liking literally anything else more than other human beings.

MooieGirl2016 / Via

Get it from Mooie Girl 2016 for $9.

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