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18 After-School Memories That Will Comfort You Like A Warm Blanket

Honestly, playdates were the best.

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1. OK, so first things first, as soon as you threw your backpack in your friend's bedroom, you both ran to the pantry...BECAUSE THAT'S WHERE THE GOOD STUFF WAS.

2. And even if you already grabbed enough food, you still had to make yourself a bowl of after-school cereal, especially if your friend had the kind your parents wouldn't let you get.


6. ...while watching either Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel.


8. Then you ran over to the family's computer, where your friend probably pushed away their sibling and told them they were too young to hang out with the big kids.

10. ...but you'd eventually just give up on the internet and start playing your fave computer games.

11. And while you waited for it to be your turn, you were either lounging on one of these chairs or hovering over your friend's shoulder.


15. Then, if it got too chilly outside, you'd run to your friend's bedroom where you'd either play some games...

16. ...perform your favorite dance routines...


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