25 Official "Game Of Thrones" Photos From Last Night's Episode, In Case You Wanted To Relive It

    What a night, guys. What a night.

    I would highly suggest not reading further if you haven't watched Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 3 because, lol, this post is just spoilers.

    1. Here's Ghost — omg, hi, Ghost, we missed you — defending Winterfell.

    2. Here's Grey Worm honestly proving that he deserves ALL of the respect.

    3. Here's Brienne and Jaime doing what they do best: WORKING TOGETHER AS BFFS TO TAKE DOWN THE ENEMY.

    4. Here's Arya in the middle of what might have been a full minute of some of the best weaponry fighting I've ever seen.

    5. Here's Viserion fighting for the wrong side (sorry, lil' baby V, it's not your fault the big, mean bad guy got you).

    6. Here's Lyanna fully taking in all the gore and pain around her.

    7. And here she is defending her people until her last breath (I have chills all over again!!!!!).

    8. Here's Theon defending his ~true~ home.

    9. And here's Bran warging and Theon being like, "Wait, lol, Bran, is now the time?"

    10. Here's Beric giving some good set lighting to this hilariously dark episode.

    11. And here's Arya being saved by Beric's flaming sword (honestly, thank you, Beric).

    12. Here's Melisandre being all vague and witchy but also dropping straight truths.

    13. And here's Arya realizing what her destiny calls for while the Hound hangs out in the back (It's OK, Hound — the battle is really scary and you're allowed to be scared.)

    14. Seriously! I'd be terrified too!

    15. Here's Sansa and Tyrion casually chatting about the dragon lady (good reminder to never gossip when you don't know who's around, because Missandei was right behind them and was NOT having it).

    16. Here's Gendry obviously fueled by adrenaline and his love for Arya.

    17. Here's Brave™ Sam using all his strength to survive for Gilly and his son.

    18. Here's Dany being like, "Not so tough now, huh, big guy?"

    19. And then here's the Night King being like, "LOL."

    20. Here's Jon screaming — lol, he did a lot of that last night — at the Night King.

    21. And then here's the Night King being like, "The number one rule in zombie movies is to always burn the dead bodies. This is on you guys."

    22. Here's Daenerys finally picking up a sword and fighting alongside Jorah.

    23. And here she is mourning her true love. RIP, Jorah.

    24. Here's Arya about to do the craziest knife move ever and LITERALLY END THE NIGHT KING.

    25. And here's Mel walking into the dawn, about to take her clothes off (tbh, her favorite state of being).

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