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36 "Twilight" Jokes That Will Always Be Funny

"If I die, spread my ashes where they filmed the 'Twilight' baseball scene."


can't remember what i did a week ago but i can remember that bella ordered a mushroom ravioli on her first dinner date with edward in twilight (2008)


bella: i know what you are edward: say it out loud bella: vampire me watching twilight for the 500th time:


13 year old me watching twilight realizing ill never have cool vampire or werewolf boyfriend who loves me unconditionally and is willing to die for me



if i die, spread my ashes where they filmed the twilight baseball scene



therapist: Twilight fake baby is not real and can’t hurt you Twilight fake baby:


remember when jacob from twilight fell in love with a whole ass newborn


the entire twilight franchise really played my adolescent ass sooo dirty with this fake scene


edward when bella walked into bio class and her scent hit him


bella: *in class minding her business* edward:


edward: my dick could literally kill you bella:


i'm sorry but people who shit on twilight's literary merit when new moon had those four blank pages that just read "october, november, december, january" after edward left bella.... like whew... pulitzer prize


im not wearing my glasses i thought this was a screencap from twilight 😭


robert pattinson’s twilight commentary KILLS me


bella in twilight forcing herself to drink blood so edward can turn her into a vampire


I wanna be so high that i start acting like Kristen Stewart in Twilight


The Volturi when they found out Edward had a baby with his human being girlfriend Bella


Edward was like 'im pale af, i never go out and i don't eat food' and bella was like i know what u are' and he was like 'say it' and she said vampire straight away, like i would've been like 'omg your anemic bruh like catch these iron suppliments my guy'


Okay but can we PLEASE get a Twilight remake where Kristen Stewart plays both Bella and Edward? She’s reached that power level


I am BISEXUAL. that means I am attracted to: -Jasper from Twilight -Every woman I have ever met


About once ever six months, I remember how in Twilight, the girl thinks her boyfriend might be a vampire and so then she does a google image search for "vampire"


this was bella riding on that guys motorcycle because edward left her


the twilight soundtrack really had paramore, muse, linkin park, lykke li, bon iver, lupe fiasco, bruno mars, florence & the machine, sia, the black keys, vampire weekend, blue foundation, iron & wine, christina perri, angus & julia stone EVEN ROBERT PATTINSON SINGING.


bro can we pls fuck to the twilight soundtrack please bro fuck just once cmon bro plz


Accidentally naming both of my children after twilight characters is something that I’ve just had to learn to cope with every day


First picture is how they made black vampires look in Twilight.



ladies if you ever feel bad about yourself just remember that bella from twilight had the personality of a la croix and she still had two boys fighting over her so if you don't have that then you must suck pretty bad


It's been like 10 years since Twilight and I still can't understand how everyone was either Team Edward or Team Jacob when Jasper Hale was right there lookin like this in all the movies


this is how twilight should've ended


Thinking about how this scene from Twilight was robbed of an Oscar


I’m rewatching twilight and I don’t know when I reached the age where instead of finding Edward Cullen hot I find Bella’s dad hot. I mean he’s an absolute unit



i was trying to find pictures of edward saving bella on google and i found a website that replaces edwards head with a velociraptor instead and

36. And finally:

Twilight is my favorite movie

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