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    21 Times Fred And George Weasley Proved They Were The True Stars Of Harry Potter

    Mischief. Managed.

    1. When they became best friends with Professor Umbridge:

    2. And then showed her how much they *truly* loved her:

    3. When they definitely cheered for the dragon instead of Harry:

    4. When they literally said anything to Percy:

    5. Like, literally anything at all:

    6. When Fred adorably asked out Angelina to the Yule ball:

    7. When George didn't pass up a good opportunity to tell a joke:

    8. ... Even if he could have gone with a much better one:

    9. Whenever they were acutely self-aware:

    10. When they called out Ron for trying to sneak a deal:

    11. Whenever they had something smart to say:

    12. ... Because, to be honest, they were the BEST comic relief.

    13. When they used their twin-abilities for some evil fun:

    14. When they took a moment to stop making jokes and showed how good their hearts are:

    15. Because their hearts are SO kind:

    16. When they couldn't get anyone to believe that they've ever been called "innocent":

    17. When George had a little fun with Harry and Ginny in the kitchen:

    18. When their playful jokes panned out to success:

    19. ... And when their brilliant ideas backfired:

    20. When they weren't afraid to voice their opinions:

    21. And, finally, when they were there for each other until the very end: