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21 Tweets That Are Way Too Real For People With Freckles

No, I don't have food on my lip — it's a freckle.

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1. When you injure yourself trying to pop a non-existent blemish:

2. When someone thinks it would be fun to count all of the "spots" on your skin:

3. And when they decide to actually count them even though you gave them a look that says otherwise:

4. When you mistake food for a freckle...

5. ...or a freckle for a bug:

6. Or when someone tries to wipe your freckles away:

7. When your mustache comes out to play:

8. When a freckle gets in the way of your beauty regimen:

9. When you're bitter about everyone else's ability to have fun in the sun without freckling:

10. When you cover yourself in sunscreen but it literally doesn't matter:

11. And when you dare to go to the beach and then must do whatever it takes to protect your fragile skin:

12. And when someone sees you after you've spent a day in the sun and they decide to comment on your skin:

13. When you don't want to go to the dermatologist because you know they're going to get mad at you:

14. When a child inevitably asks you about your face:

15. Or when they skip the niceties and get real blunt with you:

16. When someone wants to play games with your freckles:

17. When someone tells you a fun fact about your freckles that you've definitely never heard before:

18. When someone lets you know there's food on your lip, but it's just a lip freckle:

19. When you know that tanning without freckling is pretty much impossible:

He knows me the best 😂 #freckleproblems I barely tan, my freckles just multiply

Twitter: @kelseyortwein

20. And when you're pretty positive that one day you'll just turn into one giant freckle:

21. And finally, when you shake your head at all of those people trying to get fake freckles:

But, whatever, it's OK because we not-so-secretly love our badass freckles.

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