Four Loko Just Announced A Hard Seltzer, So Here Are The Best And Funniest Tweets About It

    The seltzer apparently has 14% ABV...

    So you know how spiked seltzer — *cough* White Claw *cough* — is the drink of the summer?

    Well, turns out Four Loko very much wanted to be included in the fun because the brand just teased a new drink: Four Loko Seltzer.

    Hard Seltzers ran so we could fly

    A creation which they seemingly are very, very proud of.

    So proud of, in fact, that they were extra shady and tagged a bunch of other brands that make spiked seltzer in their Instagram caption 👀...

    The drink, which brags it's the "hardest seltzer in the universe," apparently has 14% ABV. For contrast, a White Claw has...5% ABV.

    Of course, the real question is whether or not this announcement is legit. A lot of people in the comments have been asking if the drink will actually be available for purchase...and Four Loko's responses have been very vague.

    But for now, real or fake, people have come with jokes about the new seltzer. Here are some of the best ones:


    me seeing that Four Loko now has hard seltzer with FOURTEEN PERCENT alcohol


    Me buying and drinking the four loko seltzer’s simply because they’re 14% alcohol


    If you drink the new four loko seltzer all the memories that were wiped from drinking original four loko come rushing back


    @fourloko me: who would ever drink 4Lokos again in 2019? also me:


    I ain't tryna drink anymore. The new Four Loko:


    My Brain Cells when i reintroduce Four Loko into my diet


    Me: “I mean it’s just a spiked seltzer right?” *buys two Four Loko Sour Seltzer with a Hint of Blue Razz* Me 48 hours later and in Panama:


    Me the next day after blacking out because of Four Loko Seltzer


    Four Loko coming out with a seltzer is like your toxic ex becoming hot and guess who’s crawling back baby


    @fourloko Four Loko Fall > Hot Girl Summer


    @fourloko No one: Four Loko: Ya'll want to see a dead body?




    @fourloko Man I didn't think this was how we were gonna go 😓🤕




    Four Loko seltzer with a 14% ABV is exactly what we as a society deserve right now