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People Are Sharing The "Dumbest" Way They've Accidentally Injured Themselves

"Burned my chest trying to iron a wrinkle out of my shirt while wearing it."

Recently, the Twitter account for the Super 70s Sports store and podcast asked its followers about the "dumbest freak injury" of their lives.

What’s the dumbest freak injury of your life? I’ll start: Took a leak then somehow broke my goddamn index finger when I caught it on the door facing while leaving the bathroom. That’s incredibly stupid but I know some of you can defeat me. Go.

Here are some of the craziest responses:


@Super70sSports Torn tendon in middle finger putting a fitted sheet on the mattress. 3 corners were on. Pushing the 4th corner on, the elastic in the sheet snapped back, bending finger all the way back. Told friends it was from playing basketball.


@Super70sSports Burned my chest trying to iron a wrinkle out of my shirt while wearing it.


@Super70sSports Dislocated left shoulder pulling a six pack ring apart.


@Super70sSports As a 50-year-old man I tore my hamstring playing hackey sack at a Black Sabbath concert


@Super70sSports When I was 9 and playing tennis, swung at the ball and somehow hit myself in the face with the bottom of the racket and broke a tooth.


@Super70sSports Threw out my lower back reaching for a French Fry on my dashboard of my car.


@Super70sSports Threw my back out lifting a fucking pork roast at the grocery store.


@Super70sSports Got a concussion while playing kick ball, while trying to dodge a throw as I was approaching 2nd base. Problem was that 2nd base was a tree and I ran into because I was looking back at my friend and not the tree. 🤦


Didn't happen to me but someone I went to high school with broke his thumb by taping a cover onto a book. Yes, you read that right. Taping a book.


5 years old, days out of the cast for a broken arm I was running around the house and slipped on a newspaper ad circular, fell and rebroke my arm in the same spot.


@Super70sSports My wallet slipped out of my pocket while I was in a portapotty. I went to catch it & knocked it around the rim onto the floor at my feet. I was purely reacting & bent over to pick it up - banging my head on the rim of the urinal. I exited the thing w/ a 2" gash on my forehead.


@Super70sSports Got to bed first and lay flat under the duvet waiting for my wife to come into the room so I could jump up and scare her. Pissing myself at how funny I am. She came in, I jumped up screaming, dislocated my arm, and then really screamed. She screamed. We all screamed.


@Super70sSports Walking backward and drinking a beer while talking to someone at a beach bonfire. Took a drink, tripped, and landed on a lit mini Weber grill. 2nd & 3rd degree burns on the back of my calf, and grill mark scars for years.


@Super70sSports My husband broke his thumb playing shadow puppets with the cat...


@Super70sSports Used my feet to squeeze a dirty tissue then jumped and shot it in the trash. My students cheered. I stuck the landing, walked away, then crumbled. Torn MCL🤣


@Super70sSports Fractured my foot falling out of my own front door (totally sober, I might add). Husband fractured ribs when he fell over hunting Pokemon.


A rooster broke my arm.


@Super70sSports Not me, a buddy of mine smacked his forearm on the toilet paper holder reaching for toilet paper after going to the bathroom and fractured his forearm. True story.


@Super70sSports Taking Thanksgiving turkey out of fridge to thaw, turkey breaks through bag, lands on foot and breaks my toe.

What's the "dumbest" way you've ever injured yourself? Share in the comments!

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