These 19 Dog Pics Will Undoubtedly Make Your Day Better

    Get ready to cry from cuteness overload.

    Hello, and welcome to a post that will fill your soul with pure puppy joy.

    Recently, the very popular (and very cute) Twitter account Thoughts of Dog asked its followers to share pictures of their dogs with their best stuffed animal friends.

    today. is my stuffed fren sebastian’s second birthday. and to celebrate. we would like to see. all of your favorite stuffed frens

    Here are some of the most adorable responses:

    1. Blåhaj and Venkman cuddling in a doggo bed for two:

    2. This cute doggo who's so, so happy to be hanging out with his Spider-Man fren:

    3. George and his octopus exploring the house together:

    4. Louie and Breeze cheesin' with their alligator friend:

    @dog_feelings hbd sebastian. This “was” a favorite friend of Louie & Breeze.

    5. Louie lounging with his rubber duckies:

    @dog_feelings Honestly, Louie prefers rubber duckies.

    6. This cute lil' corgi hanging with his cone and his fren:

    @dog_feelings my cone of shame doubles as a stuffed fren holder hehe

    7. And this doodle who got matching cones with his BFF Woofus:

    @dog_feelings Woofus and me. I just had surgery and he’s being so supportive! #ilovemystuffie #bestfrens

    8. This doggo smiling with his fren Groot:

    9. Pavlov finding his stuffed fren, Penguiño:

    @dog_feelings This is my stuffed friend Penguiño. The humans tried to hide him, but I learned how to open the drawer all by myself. True love conquers all 🥰

    10. Cavalier and his elephant taking a cute lil' buddy nap:

    @dog_feelings Cavalier’s elephant friend. @ParisSwegan

    11. This pup snuggling with Jazz Hands Broccoli Man:

    12. Maple posin' for a pic with her Bunny:

    13. Pete relaxing with his very good fren, Mr. Bear:

    @dog_feelings Pete passed away earlier this year due to cancer and old age, but here’s a picture of him and Mr. Bear from two years ago being the happiest boy ever.

    14. Brutus (who looks guilty because he ate his human fren's Beyoncé CD) cuddling with Arnold:

    @dog_feelings Brutus and his friend Arnold the sock monkey

    15. This doggo smiling real big with his teddy:

    @dog_feelings Her favorite teddy 💙

    16. This doggie taking an adorable nap with his turtle:

    17. And this pup and their best fren, Lotso, taking a quick lil' cat nap:

    @dog_feelings My fren is Lotso. He smells like strawberries 🍓

    18. Brandy and Mr. Bear just relaxing together:

    @dog_feelings Brandy lived Mr Bear her whole life 😊 even when he was just a shred of his former self 😂

    19. And finally, Abby and Bunny deciding who gets to hang out with Mr. Sausage first:

    @dog_feelings Abby and Bunny fight over Mr Sausage

    Does your dog have a stuffed animal best friend? Share in the comments!