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20 Questions About The Most Cringe-Worthy "Office" Episode Only A True Fan Will Get Right

The dinner party from hell.

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OK, so are you ready for this quiz? LET'S DO THIS!

  1. 1. Michael won't let Dwight come to the party. What reason does he not give him?

    NBC / Netflix
    It's couples only.
    Jan thinks he smells weird.
    He only has six wine glasses.
  2. 2. What does Jan say about the wine Pam brought them?

    NBC / Netflix
    "Oh, you brought a Malbec, how adorable."
    "This will be great to cook with."
    "Oh, well...what a nice label."
    "I like how you don't care what other people think."
  3. 3. What kind of candle does Jan make Jim smell?

    NBC / Netflix
    Muddy rain
  4. 4. Why does Michael say he sleeps at the bench at the end of the bed?

    NBC / Netflix
    Jan says he makes the sheets sweaty.
    Jan has space issues.
    Jan always wanted a puppy.
    Jan needs eight hours of "Michael Free Time" every night.
  5. 5. Michael built a table. What kind of wood did he use?

    NBC / Netflix
    Nordic Cherry
    Red Cedar
  6. 6. How does Michael describe his wine?

    NBC / Netflix
    It has a refined dilation.
    It has a creamy placenta.
    It has an oaky afterbirth.
    It has a fleshy elegance.
  7. 7. Finish this lyric from Hunter’s song: "That one ___/You made everything _____."

    NBC / Netflix
    Night/All right
  8. 8. How long does the Osso Buco need to braise?

    NBC / Netflix
    Two hours
    Three hours
    Four hours
    Five hours
  9. 9. What does Angela think Pam does at work?

    NBC / Netflix
    Throw messages in the trash.
    Hold onto faxes.
    Drop calls from Jan.
    Make inappropriate eye contact.
  10. 10. Jim tries to leave the party early. What excuse does he give?

    NBC / Netflix
    His roommate is in the hospital.
    His apartment flooded.
    A bird flew into his bedroom.
    A car drove into his apartment building.
  11. 11. Who does Jan try to dance with in the living room?

    NBC / Netflix
    Hunter's CD
  12. 12. Pick the correct trivia teams.

    NBC / Netflix
    Pam, Jan, and Angela vs. Jim, Michael, and Andy
    Pam, Michael, and Andy vs. Jim, Jan, and Angela
    Pam, Michael, and Angela vs. Jim, Jan, and Andy
    Pam, Jan, and Andy vs. Jim, Angela, and Michael
  13. 13. Why did Michael run through their glass door?

    NBC / Netflix
    He thought he heard an ice cream truck.
    He thought he saw a lollipop in the backyard.
    He saw someone outside, but it turned out to just be his reflection.
    A little kid from next door was taunting him from the other side.
  14. 14. Who does Dwight bring to the dinner party?

    NBC / Netflix
    His babysitter
    His landlord
    His landlord's wife
    His elementary school teacher
  15. 15. How many times did Michael have a vasectomy while with Jan?

    NBC / Netflix
  16. 16. What does Dwight bring to eat for himself?

    NBC / Netflix
    Goose and hard-boiled eggs
    A whole pig and potato salad
    A turkey leg and beet salad
    Duck and a BabyRuth bar for dessert
  17. 17. Who are the two people who think Jan is trying to poison them?

    NBC / Netflix
    Michael and Dwight
    Michael and Pam
    Dwight and Jim
    Jim and Pam
  18. 18. Why does Michael dip his meat into his wine?

    NBC / Netflix
    He's writing a cookbook, and that's one of the tips he's trying out.
    It brings out oaky flavor of the wine.
    He claims he saw it on the Food Network once.
    He has soft teeth.
  19. 19. What does Jan throw a Dundee at?

    NBC / Netflix
    The broken sliding door
    The plasma TV
    The neon beer sign
  20. 20. What does Jim steal from the party?

    NBC / Netflix
    One of Jan's candles
    The neon beer sign
    Hunter's CD
    A Dundee

20 Questions About The Most Cringe-Worthy "Office" Episode Only A True Fan Will Get Right

Dinner Party Enthusiast!

Don't worry — we know you still like the episode. It's just that you haven't seen it a million times so you don't know ~every~ answer. THAT'S OK. This just means you need to watch Season 4 all over again.

Dinner Party Enthusiast!
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Dinner Party Connoisseur!

Yeah, you've seen this episode more than once. Honestly, this might just be one of your go-to episodes you watch when you need something funny to make you feel better. Cheers to you and your amazing dance moves!

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Dinner Party Champion!

"Dinner Party" is truly one of the best Office episode fans could have ever asked for. AND YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE FANS WHO BASICALLY KNOWS THIS EPISODE LIKE THE BACK OF YOUR HAND. You deserve some wine with an oaky afterbirth. Congrats!

Dinner Party Champion!
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