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Posted on Oct 23, 2017

Order A Bunch Of Fall Comfort Foods And We'll Tell You What New Stuff To Watch On Netflix

Hand me a hot chocolate and my laptop.

  1. Pick a warming breakfast to start your day.

  2. Now choose a delicious drink to sip on while looking out a window.

  3. Pick a lunch to enjoy on a rainy afternoon.

  4. Time to pick a main dish to enjoy with friends and family.

  5. Don't forget a mouthwatering
    side dish!

  6. And finally, pick a dessert that will soothe your soul.

Here's everything coming to the US in November:

Avail. 11/1/17




Charlotte's Web (2006)

Field of Dreams

Men in Black

Michael Clayton


Scary Movie

Silent Hill

Stranger, Season 1

The Bittersweet

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Reader

The Whole Nine Yards

To Rome With Love

Under Arrest, Season 7

Undercover Grandpa

Where the Day Takes You

Avail. 11/2/17

All About the Money

It's Not Yet Dark

Ten Percent (aka Call My Agent!), Season 2 — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/3/17

Alias Grace — Netflix Original

Eventual Salvation

The Big Family Cooking Showdown, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/4/17


Avail. 11/5/17

The Homesman

The Veil

Avail. 11/6/17

The Dinner

Avail. 11/7/17

Dizzy & Bop's Big Adventure: The Great Music Caper

Fate/Apocrypha, Part 1 — Netflix Original

Killing Ground

P. King Duckling, Season 1

Project Mc², Part 6 — Netflix Original

The Journey Is the Destination

Avail. 11/10/17

Blazing Transfer Students, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Dinotrux Supercharged, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Glitter Force Doki Doki, Season 2 — Netflix Original

Lady Dynamite, Season 2 — Netflix Original

Mea Culpa — Netflix Original

The Killer — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/12/17

Long Time Running

Avail. 11/13/17

Chasing Trane: The John Coltrane Documentary

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed

Avail. 11/14/17

DeRay Davis: How to Act Black — Netflix Original


Avail. 11/15/17

Lockup: State Prisons, Collection 1

Avail. 11/16/17


Avail. 11/17/17

A Christmas Prince — Netflix Original

Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond — Netflix Original

Longmire: Final Season — Netflix Original

Luna Petunia, Season 3 — Netflix Original

Marvel’s The Punisher — Netflix Original

Mudbound — Netflix Original

Red, White, Black, Blue Odyssey

Santa Claws

Shot in the Dark, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Spirit: Riding Free, Season 3 — Netflix Original

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/20/17


Avail. 11/21/17

Beat Bugs: All Together Now — Netflix Original

Brian Regan: Nunchucks and Flamethrowers — Netflix Original

Saving Capitalism — Netflix Original

The Case for Christ

Avail. 11/22/17

Cherry Pop

Godless — Netflix Original

The Boss Baby

Avail. 11/23/17


She's Gotta Have It, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/24/17


Cuba and the Cameraman — Netflix Original

Frontier, Season 2 — Netflix Original

The Many Faces of Ito, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Trailer Park Boys: Out of the Park: USA, Season 1 — Netflix Original

Avail. 11/27/17

Broadchurch, Season 3

Darkness Rising

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Season 7: Part 2

Avail. 11/28/17

Glitch, Season 2 — Netflix Original

Good Morning Call, Season 2 — Netflix Original

The Queen of Spain

Avail. 11/29/17

Guerra de Idolos, Season 1

Avail. 11/30/17

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