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20 College Students Who Are Honestly Just Trying Their Best

"i just saw a guy in the library cry for five or so minutes and then his phone alarm went off and he just? stopped crying? and went right on back to work"


My professor handed back our 3 page film essays to my surprise I got a C after class I asked her why “you were supposed to write it about the movie The Emperor of Time.. you wrote it on The Emperor’s new Groove but it was kinda good so I didn’t fail you” so thats how im doing

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Yesterday a girl walked into class with an iced coffee and my prof told her she couldn’t have it so she just walked out and never came back and I can’t stop thinking about it

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i just saw a guy in the library cry for five or so minutes and then his phone alarm went off and he just? stopped crying? and went right on back to work

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Heard in the lobby of my dorm Dude 1: hey dude why weren’t you in Stats? Dude 2: I had a mental health day dude. I slept in and had some tea Dude 1: oh yeah self care dude Dude 2: yeah dude self care

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Random girl next to me in class: I see u brought ur daily coffee as well, to get thro these 8ams Me: haha ya, that’s college for u Me inside: she can’t ever know that my yeti is filled with chocolate milk

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Y’all really be pulling all nighters to study?? If I don’t know it by 12 then I just don’t know it

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someone: hi me: ur right i should skip class

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I wish u could go to college to study conspiracy theories and unsolved mysteries like that would be so interesting

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In highschool I woke up at 6 am, went to classes for 7 hours, went straight to track practice and ran 8 miles, then went home and did homework without taking a nap..in college I can't even take a shower without needing a nap

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During my final today, this guy brought a notecard bigger than 3x5 and some douche frat guy snitched on him 2 the professor. And I shit u not, the guy goes, “Listen. That was such a Husky thing of u to do. Go AlphaDeltaFuck yourself.” And the prof literally spit out his coffee 😂

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yo i hate honors college boys i just asked this guy “hey why aren’t koalas considered bears?” and he hits me with “they’re marsupials” shut up nerd the answer to the joke is “they don’t have the koalafications”

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ok, i have a confession. one time when i was doing a chem lab i purposefully ripped a hole in my glove, poured a (mild) acid on my hand, & my skin got irritated so my professor let me leave early all so i could go get an Einsteins Bagel. thank u for ur time

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My prof started our lecture by telling us he canceled the last two classes because he has been suffering from depression and this dude beside me types “prof is depressed :(“ as his first bullet point lmaoo

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Junior year we hosted a pregame at my house: I witnessed an extremely small blonde female take a scoop of my protein shake powder, place it in a shaker bottle, and pour vodka into it. She looked me in the eye and said “I didn’t eat”

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My sister is in a sorority & honestly if I see one more post of how much she loves her “big” ok IM YOUR ACTUAL BIG SISTER SORRY I DONT WRITE U LITTLE NOTES ABOUT HOW YOU FELL FROM A RAINBOW & SPROUTED INTO A TULIP BUT I TAUGHT YOU HOW TO WEAR A TAMPON have some respect

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Y’all ever skip a class and then have the post skip class depression? Like damn I should’ve just went

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*college kids trying to clean snow off their car* me- using a folder kid next to me- minute maid lemonade box girl across from me- a boot another girl near me- a dust pan

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today in class this guy I was sitting next to had a bag of carrots & the entire class he kept throwing them into his backpack. I asked him what he was doing & he was like "oh sorry do u want one? they're for Kent" and then just whips open his backpack to show his chinchilla Kent

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yall pray for me, nothing's wrong im just in college

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