22 Chipotle Hacks That Will Make You Do A Happy Dance

    It's all about the Quesarito.

    1. Order your taco shells on the side for more filling and less soggy tacos:

    2. Order the kids' taco meal and make your own nachos:

    3. Or you could just order nachos off their "secret" menu:

    4. Wait until they've added the first scoop of meat before asking for a second scoop:

    5. Get more meat for less money:

    6. Make sure your leftovers taste good:

    7. There's a way to get an evenly mixed burrito:

    8. Order a bowl to go and then put desired amount on your own salad/lettuce...for days and days:

    9. There is a way to get free guac:

    10. And then there's another way:

    11. Seriously, make sure to order online so you can skip that crazy lunch line:

    12. Order a bowl and ask for (free) tortillas on the side...then make your own burritos (plural):

    13. You could totally walk away with free chips:

    14. You can order a bean and cheese burrito for almost no money:

    15. Want a free burrito? Always check to see if they have their "buy a gift card, get a burrito" deal:

    16. If you keep your burrito order to three ingredients, then it is classified as a "3-Pointer" and you'll pay less:

    17. You can get four scoops of everything (except meat and guac) for free:

    18. For all you cilantro lovers out there, you can totally ask for a side of it:

    19. Show up to Chipotle in costume on Halloween (after 4 p.m.) and get a burrito for $3 :

    20. When you order tacos, you can order a side of cheese and extra tortilla and make your double-decker tacos:

    21. Skip buying chips and ask for (free) taco shells:

    22. But, honestly, in the end, it's all about ordering a burrito wrapped inside a quesadilla: