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Literally Just 21 Photos Of Cats And Dogs Sleeping In Doll Beds

Move over, Molly.

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1. "You're a liar if you say I don't look good in this bed. I look better than prissy Samantha, that's for sure."

StraightCougar / Via

2. "C'mon, I'm freakin' adorable in this bed. That plastic doll looks like a troll compared to me."

Liz Ryan / Via Twitter: @liz33776

3. "Shhhhh. I'm petitioning to have my own American Girl Doll book written about me, and I need to be well-rested for it."

8pint / Via

4. "What do you mean you don't think they'll give me my own book? That's such a hurtful thing to say."

8pint / Via

5. "Welcome to my '70s bedroom. I stole it from Julie, and I literally couldn't GAF."

Shanazappa / Via

6. "Yes, of course I need the couch and bed. If Molly gets a radio and a bike, then I get this."

Hope for Haley / Via Twitter: @HopeForHaley

7. "Would you like to join me? I can make room. Anyone but Felicity. She snores."

reeser21 / Via

8. "We've worked out a deal. They get the bed and I get the pull-out. Fair is fair."

ashleigh_bella / Via

9. "I'm not going to apologize for pushing Josefina out of the bed. She deserved it."

Muñecas, Poupees & Dolls / Via

10. "The box didn't pan out how I thought it I moved to the bed. The doll won't mind."

creepybunny_03 / Via

11. "Close the door. I'm going camping, and I'm trying to get out of here before Lanie asks to come."

christinamayshipley / Via

12. "Omg, I'm living room camping, too! Also, I can vouch for Lanie being desperate AF."

treydfleming / Via

13. "Paint a portrait of me. I'm the most attractive when I'm at my comfiest. Julie's got nothing on me."

Ross Steelman / Via Twitter: @rolltide12nc

14. "I'm not even going to lie for second: I'm so comfy now that the dumb dolls are out of the bed."

la_diva_soli / Via

15. "Kit can have her turn when my turn is over."

Mariah / Via Twitter: @mariahgia01

16. "Mom? Before you leave the room could you open the canopy like you do for Samantha?"

17. "I promise I'm not pooping in your doll bed. Your inanimate friend will sleep just fine tonight."

execudiva / Via Twitter: @execudiva

18. "No, you are incorrect. We all fit perfectly. This bed was made for three cats, not two dolls."

silla103 / Via

19. "Do you have a fluffier pillow? This pillow has neck support for a plastic head, not a dog.

harleydiva329 / Via

20. "We are all friends here. Except for Kirsten. She's not allowed in the bed. She knows what she did."

Kay King / Via

21. "Christmas is over. The best present has been opened, and it's everyone can go home now. Especially the dolls."

Creativehomelessguy / Via

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