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22 Times Tina Belcher From "Bob's Burgers" Was You Having A Crush

I'm not awkward — you're awkward!

1. When you mentally pump yourself up before you know you're going to see your crush.

2. When you try a new look to make them notice you and you end up looking like a clown.

3. When you attempt to flip your hair with the hopes that they'll take notice of your casual beauty...

4. ...But then the hair flip goes horribly, horribly wrong.

5. When you spend half your day daydreaming about your future life with your crush and what kind of food you'll serve at your wedding.

6. When your daydreams get so ridiculous that you have to take a step back and remember what world you are living in.

7. When your crush compliments you, but, instead of just saying "thank you," you keep on rambling until they awkwardly laugh and walk away.

8. When you make a really bad joke and you instantly regret everything that just came out of your mouth.

9. When you try and inch closer to your crush but they walk away before you can get there.

10. When you not-so-subtly ask for some sign of affection from your crush and they don't give it to you right away.

11. When you try to casually touch your hand on their arm in a flirtatious way but it's completely obvious what you're doing and it's not working.

12. When you try to play it cool in front of your crush but then you do something inconceivably embarrassing and the only way to recover is run away.

13. When you're at a party and you show off your sultry dance moves but you're clearly trying too hard.

14. When you try to jump into a conversation that your crush is in, but you say the wrong thing because you don't know what they're talking about.

15. When your frenemy tries to embarrass you in front of your crush and you try to play it off like it ain't no thang (but it's really a HUGE deal).

16. When that same frenemy tries to steal your crush away from you and you stalk them on Facebook while simultaneously death-staring them through the computer screen.

17. When you realize that you've maybe, possibly become too invested in your imaginary relationship and that you need to cool it on the stalking.

18. When you finally muster up enough courage to kind-of-maybe ask them out and the words just spill out of your mouth in no particular order.

19. When your crush doesn't reciprocate any of your feelings and you decide that you're better than them...

20. ...But then they talk to you (or look at you) and you're right back in the game.

21. When you eventually accept that your crush doesn't like you back and you collapse into yourself and sink into a pool of misery.

22. And, finally, when you slowly start to get over your crush and another prospect enters your heart.