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People Are Sharing The Best Movie They Never Want To See Again

So good, you could only see it once.

Recently, comedian Rose Matafeo asked her followers, "What is the best film that you never want to see again?"

what is the best film that you never want to see again? or at least for a very long time?

Here are some of the best responses:

1. Requiem For A Dream

@Rose_Matafeo Requiem for a Dream. Once was more than enough

2. The Road

@Rose_Matafeo The Road. Brilliant film but when are you in the mood for something that bleak?

3. The Witch

the witch. i grew up catholic and im mexican. we don't mess with the devil.

4. Blade Runner 2049

@Rose_Matafeo Blade Runner 2049 - saw it in a basically empty cinema with my father and nothing can ever recreate that experience in my books.

5. A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange. It is very powerfully uncomfortable! Well done!

6. Pan's Labyrinth

@Rose_Matafeo Pans Labyrinth - the isolation and turmoil of Ofelia, the brutal step father, the pale man...every moment made me feel uneasy. Even the faun was terrifying with his huge body and deep was dire from start to finish. Two layers of story woven together, both grim af

7. Room

@Rose_Matafeo Room. Utterly fantastic but so so emotionally draining.

8. Fruitvale Station

@Rose_Matafeo fruitvale station. never again.

9. Schindler's List

@Rose_Matafeo There's a lot. A lot of films I really like but I only need to see it once. Schindlers List is probably the one that stands out the most.

10. Whiplash

Whiplash and mother! I feel very stressed even just thinking about them both

11. Children of Men

@Rose_Matafeo Children of Men. Fantastic movie, nearly every scene is seared into my memory. Only seen it once, at the cinema on first day of release. Don't even own it on dvd or Blu-ray. Seems even more terrifying right now.

12. Dogville

Dogville? Though, Kidman has one of the most brutal lines at the end of the film that I Entirely need to hear sampled before a savage downtuned breakdown

13. Hereditary

14. Atonement

@Rose_Matafeo Atonement. Exceptional movie but left me emotionally devastated. Tearing up a little just thinking about the ending 💔

15. 12 Years a Slave

16. 127 Hours

17. The Lovely Bones

@Rose_Matafeo The Lovely Bones

18. Blue Valentine

@Rose_Matafeo Blue Valentine - grim, depressing, painfully honest. the decay of a marriage that became stagnant over time. husband was happy with how they were and didn’t change but the wife grew out of love and the both of them want different things out of life now that conflicts each other.

19. City of God

@Rose_Matafeo City of God. My chest gets tight thinking about it. That an Synecdoche New York - beautiful but whoa- and so sad now. But watch Samantha Morton is always a dream

20. Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York for me - utterly devastating and unfortunately, completely up my alley

21. Life of Pi

@Rose_Matafeo Life of Pi. Saw it at the cinema and brought the DVD as soon as it was realised but I’ve never watched it back. It was such an experience seeing it and just don’t feel watching it back on small screen will be the same and I don’t want it ruined.

22. Dear Zachary: A Letter to His Son About His Father

@Rose_Matafeo Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father It leaves you dead inside. I showed it to a group after a fun night drinking, and 2 of the group won't speak to me now. I don't blame them.

23. The Boy In the Striped Pajamas

@Rose_Matafeo Boy in the striped Pyjama’s - broke me

24. And finally, the first 20 minutes of Up