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    21 Movie Endings That Are So Good, People Are Still Thinking About Them

    These movie endings are too good.

    Many spoilers ahead!

    A Twitter thread from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences asked, "What’s the best movie ending ever?" and the fantastic answers inspired even more great responses from our BuzzFeed Community. Here's a look at other movies with the best endings:

    1. Billy Elliot

    Working Title Films

    "When Billly leaps, the father gasps, and we cry."


    2. Clue

    A screen that reads "But here's what really happened"
    Paramount Pictures

    "I loved how in Clue you get the alternate ending and then they're like, no, let's do this ending, nope, let's try this one..."


    3. To Sir, With Love

    Mr Thackeray opening a present at his desk
    Columbia Pictures

    "I always get choked up at the last scene of To Sir, With Love. Sidney Poitier is amazing."


    4. Get Out

    Universal Pictures

    "As a Black person, I would say the best movie ending for me was Get Out."


    5. Psycho

    Universal Pictures

    "When Norman says, 'Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly' and looks right into the camera. BOOM. Anthony Perkins is also amazing."


    6. The Color Purple

    Celie and Nettie reunite
    Amblin Entertainment

    "Shug gets redemption and her father's forgiveness, Albert (Mister) does right by Celie and Nettie, and Celie is finally reunited with Nettie and her children."


    7. Pan's Labyrinth

    Tequila Gang

    "'He won't even know your name.' CHILLS! I love how Del Toro left it ambiguous too so you're not sure if everything Ofelia experienced was real or if she just retreated into her imagination."


    8. Atonement

    Old Briony says "I gave them their happiness"
    Universal Pictures

    "The end of Atonement always makes me cry."


    9. Almost Famous

    William interviews Russell
    Columbia Pictures

    "All the reunions at the end."


    10. Parasite

    Ki Taek stands in the house looking out at Ki Woo
    CJ Entertainment

    "Came here to make sure someone said Parasite."


    11. First Wives Club

    Paramount Pictures


    12. Million Dollar Baby

    Warner Bros.

    "He helped her with assisted suicide and then just...left. Left his whole passion behind. He couldn't do it anymore after her. I was devastated."


    13. BlacKkKlansman

    Focus Features

    "Getting that racist cop arrested by secretly wearing a wire. Plus, the KKK wife getting killed. It ended with a great big 'fuck you' to all the assholes."


    14. Fight Club

    20th Century Fox

    15. The Terminal

    Viktor finally leaves the airport

    "It’s not exactly a big, explosive, exciting ending or anything but I’ve always loved the ending to The Terminal, when he gets in the taxi and says he’s going home. I just like the fact that they didn’t end the film with some boring romantic reunion storyline or anything. Subtle but perfect."


    16. Jojo Rabbit

    TSG Entertainment

    "The dancing was A+, the war was over, and we had been waiting for that moment for ages. Bowie's song suited the scene perfectly."


    17. Shutter Island

    Paramount Pictures

    18. The Sixth Sense

    Malcolm looks at Anna as she sleeps
    Hollywood Pictures

    19. Annihilation

    Paramount Pictures

    "It has the craziest ending of any movie I've ever seen. Trippiest movie."


    20. Roman Holiday

    Paramount Pictures

    "The subtle acting between Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck gets me teary eyed every time. The ending is bittersweet and as much as you want it to end well, you know that it can’t."


    21. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

    Frodo, Sam, and others cheers at the pub
    New Line Cinema

    "All 7,432 of the endings."


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