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Barb Adorably Asked The First Fan Question At The "Stranger Things" Comic-Con Panel

Justice for Barb.

As much as Stranger Things fans have been hoping for the return of Barb in Season 2 of the Netflix series, it was officially confirmed at San Diego Comic-Con that she will not be in it.



Shannon Purser, the Emmy-nominated actress who plays Barb, made a surprise appearance at the Stranger Things panel and asked the first question from the audience: "Will Barb be in Season 2 of the show?"

Unfortunately for Barb fans, the creative team had a very definitive answer for her: "No. But there will be justice for Barb."

Barb showed up at the Stranger Things panel & she wants 2 know if she's going 2 b in Season 2. (The answer is no, b…

David Harbour (aka Chief Hopper) added: "Barb will be avenged."

Long live Barb.


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