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    Posted on Oct 6, 2016

    15 Of The Funniest Lies Babysitters Have Confessed To

    Honestly, who decided it was a good idea to let teenagers take care of children?

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their best babysitting confessions. Here are the hilarious and weird results.

    1. But same:

    "I told the kids I babysat that Cailou is no longer on the television because he grew up. Really I just deleted all of the recordings on their TV because I hate the bald little shit." —k48325a22b


    2. Well, look at that magic:

    "I was babysitting a particularly rambunctious set of siblings once. They were exhausting, so I went to the kitchen and moved the clock up an hour. Viola, bedtime!" —Pamela Elliott, Facebook

    3. My throat gets scratchy:

    "I convinced the kid I was babysitting that I was allergic to a hill and would die if I went near it. I was just lazy and didn't want to go." —Aislinn Strohecker, Facebook

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    4. Santa is always watching:

    "I have a little camera keychain that flashes and makes noise. For the past few years I’ve had the two kids I nanny convinced it’s a Santa cam sent to me from the North Pole. If they ever hear the camera snapping they immediately start behaving." —mmcghee115

    5. You can, but you'll die:

    "When I was 14, I was babysitting my little cousin and she wanted to use my favorite nail polish color but there was only a little left. I told her she couldn't use it because it was actually toxic and if she put it on her nails, her fingers would fall off. My cousin recently brought it up during a family vacation and explained how it had traumatized her for life." —lindsayfarber


    6. White lies:

    "When I was a nanny for an infant/young toddler, his mother wanted me to take him outside every single day. It was usually no problem, but she insisted I still do it when it was in the single digits and windy. He hated it, I hated it, and there was no real point to it. I would take his shoes and my shoes and place them outside of the door so it looked like we had gone outside." —Jessica Hamilton, Faceboook

    7. It wasn't me:

    "Once when I was babysitting I was sick and my mom bought me ginger ale to feel better. I threw my backpack on their couch, and then I went and put the girl to sleep. I came back and picked up my backpack to do my homework and found I had soaked their couch cushion. I didn't know how to fix the problem so I just flipped the cushion. They texted the next day and asked if anything spilled on the couch. I said I didn’t think so and held that lie until a couple months later when I was at confession and I confessed it to a priest." —conparker77


    8. Scarred for life:

    "Used to babysit a little girl who would refuse to get out of the bathtub, so I convinced her that she would get sucked down the drain by pretending my hand and arm were being sucked down the drain in a most dramatic fashion. After that all I had to do was pull the plug and she practically leapt out of the tub." —Darlene Molina, Facebook

    9. Jail time:

    "I’ve convinced the kids I babysit that it’s illegal for kids their age to stay up past 8 p.m. Cruel, but saves me a lot of rushing to get them into bed when their mom gets home." —amandapenn33


    10. I know the boogeyman:

    "I got really aggravated with the two kids I was babysitting not minding me, so I did the only thing my tired 14-year-old brain could think of: I called the boogeyman. To this day, they have no idea the boogeyman was my mom!" —SteelerLady382201

    11. Bye-bye:

    "I told them the TV company canceled Paw Patrol for the rest of the night, so we couldn’t watch it anymore." —daniellew48bcaa6ef


    12. Everyone wins:

    "I asked the parents if I could take the kids to watch Finding Dory because I thought they would love it. The kids were very happy and they did love it. It was a great day for everyone, but the truth is I first made this plan because I really wanted to watch the movie and had other plans for my day off." —LauraFendi

    13. The baby did it:

    “I was cleaning up their living room and they had put a fence up in front of the TV so the baby wouldn’t hurt himself. I moved the fence over to clean under it and the entire entertainment center collapsed. The brand new flat screen TV broke. I blamed it on the kid, and I still babysit for them.” —keeleyt408bf5e60


    14. Blame it on the cramps:

    "The kids I would babysit for loved jumping on the trampoline in the summer, which was fun. But whenever they asked me to jump with them in 95-degree weather, I claimed I had 'cramps.'" —Nina Lauren, Facebook

    15. I'm your mom now:

    "I once convinced this little boy I was watching that his mom had turned into a two-liter of Diet Coke. He was scared, then surprisingly accepting." —freechristine


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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