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Yes, Avril Lavigne Just Called Out Mark Zuckerberg For Making Fun Of Nickelback

"#SayNoToBullying #TheJokeIsOld #NickelbackHasSoldOver50MillionAlbums."

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Basically, the CEO of Facebook made fun of Nickelback in a new video posted to his page, and Lavigne — who is separated from the band's frontman, Chad Kroeger — called him out for it.

Facebook: video.php

Presumably after Zuckerberg patted himself on his back for that ~sick~ burn, Lavigne took to Twitter to tell him that he "may want to consider being more responsible with promoting bullying."

And while some people were supportive of her tweet...

@AvrilLavigne I agree with you 100%. Jealousy is all it is. Can't wait for the next tour.

...other people on Twitter were not so kind.

.@AvrilLavigne [set to the beat of Girlfriend] 🎶 HEY, HEY, YOU, YOU, I DON'T LIKE YOUR HOT TAKE 🎶

I really thought I saw it all in 2016. And then @AvrilLavigne released a statement because Mark Zuckerberg made a…

What are the chances of Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford ever doing a live read of the "Studio 60" pilot in my kitchen while I eat dinner?

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