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21 Of The Funniest April Ludgate Moments From "Parks And Recreation"

"If you ever speak to me in Spanish, please use the formal 'usted.'"

1. When she was the best dressed at a costume party.

April shows up to a '90s themed costume party as a pilgrim from the 1690s

2. When she had a very good reason for wanting to win.

April saying, "I don't care about that prize but I'm gonna win because I want his happiness to go away"

3. When she explained the simple house rules to Ben.

4. When she entered a wine-tasting contest so she could partake in her true passions.

April saying, "I wanted to make fun of stupid people while I get drunk, my two true passions"

5. And then when she successfully partook in both of those passions.

April drunkenly saying all wine tastes the same

6. When she congratulated Ann on her new job.

April tells Ann that one of the balloons in her office is filled with poisonous gas

7. When the world finally met Janet Snakehole.

April saying, "I'm a very rich widow with a terrible secret, who are you?"

8. When she stated her demands and wouldn't bend.

April telling Leslie she wants to be the moon in the United Nations debate

9. When she made a little, tiny, baby mistake as Ron's assistant.

April telling Ron she didn't think March 31st existed

10. But then when she evened it out by being a great assistant.

April telling Ron she only makes personal calls at work

11. When she created a new personality and became best friends with Tynnyfer.

April saying, "How craze-mazing is that, Lez?"

12. When she was extremely helpful to someone asking about her outfit.

April telling a woman she was buried in the dress she's wearing

13. When she took Leslie's compliment really well.

April telling Leslie she's half wolf

14. When she was let down by Leslie's bachelorette party.

April disappointed that they won't be murdering anyone during Leslie's bachelorette party

15. When she picked out the perfect makeup palette to wear while giving birth.

April wearing scary ghoul makeup while giving birth

16. When she went above and beyond her job duties.

April admitting she catfished Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chili Peppers for a free guitar

17. When she was on a different page from Andy about their Halloween party.

April saying someone will die at her and Andy's halloween party

18. When she needed to update Leslie on her feelings.

April texts Leslie that she's bored during a meeting

19. When she was genuinely in awe of Ben's prank.

April saying, "Oh my god you go blood all over me, thank you"

20. When she offered Kyle a great deal.

April up-selling Kyle one of Andy's CDs

21. And finally, when she proved what lengths she would go to to show Andy her love and loyalty.

April telling Andy she'll divorce him so that she can marry him again

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