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    Posted on Oct 30, 2015

    36 Alternate "Hocus Pocus" Titles That Are Truly Accurate

    Thackery Binx: Your Sexual Awakening

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    Walt Disney Pictures / Pedro Fequiere for BuzzFeed

    1. What Happens When You Try to Impress a Girl

    2. Why Were All These Kids Left Alone on Halloween Night?

    3. Seriously, Where Are All the Babysitters?

    4. RIP, Max's Stolen Shoes

    Walt Disney Pictures

    5. Kid With No Shoes Saves Precocious Sister

    6. Please Don't Light the Goddamn Candle

    7. The Virgin Who Lit the Candle

    8. Whose Mom Would Have Dressed Like Madonna in the '90s?

    Walt Disney Pictures

    9. Careless Teen Almost Kills Off His Entire Town

    10. Seriously, Don't Touch That Book With the Eye

    11. Sarah Jessica Parkers' Best Role

    12. Salem: A Town Where No One Notices Witches Riding Cleaning Supplies

    Walt Disney Pictures

    13. Thackery Binx: Your Sexual Awakening

    14. I Heart Thackery Binx

    15. Billy Butcherson: Your Second Sexual Awakening

    Walt Disney Pictures

    16. I Smell a Hormonal Teenage Boy and His Sister

    17. The Sanderson Sisters' Night Out

    18. Jay and Ice: A Love Story

    Walt Disney Pictures

    19. Revenge of the Mastermind Witch and Her Two Idiot Sisters

    20. Amuck, Amuck, Amuck, Amuck!

    21. Sarah Jessica Parkers' Bewitching Yabos

    Walt Disney Pictures
    Walt Disney Pictures

    22. The Royally Screwed Up Night of Trick-or-Treating

    23. Black Magic but No Black People

    24. Jacob Bailey High: The School With an Incinerator

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    25. Literally So Much Death in a Children's Movie

    26. The Buck-Toothed, Mop-Riding, Firefly From Hell

    27. Morton Salt's Greatest Marketing Stunt

    Walt Disney Pictures

    28. The Sanderson Sisters: How Three Women Learned to Walk in Unison

    29. The Bus Driver Might Be a Perv

    30. Jay and Ice: Trapped for Lyfe

    Walt Disney Pictures

    31. Seventeenth-Century Witches Can Easily Adapt to Life in the '90s

    32. DreamWitches: The Story of Winnie Trying to Go Solo

    33. The Most Traumatizing Cat Death You'll Ever See

    Walt Disney Pictures

    34. Hocus Pocus: A Cautionary Tale of Why City Kids Should Never Move to Small Towns

    35. 30% on Rotten Tomatoes

    36. This Really Should Have Been a Musical

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