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This Guy Drew His Own Marauder’s Map To Propose To His Girlfriend

You guys, the map outlines the couple's entire life together.

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So when Evan Onuskanych had the chance to create an amazing Marauder's Map for his proposal to his girlfriend of five years, Kelsey Davis, he obviously took it.

"I was thinking of different ways of proposing that were particularly unique to our relationship," Evan told BuzzFeed. "Needless to say, I wasn't very impressed with some of the more cliché methods of proposing. ... After looking online for hours on end, I realized nothing like this really existed."

Evan said he thought up the map after he was converted into a fan of the series during a trip with Kelsey to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Evan Onuskanych

"The idea kind of just sprang into existence when I thought about the map knowing exactly where everyone is," said Evan. "I used a template based off the original Marauder's Map for the covers, but went custom from there. I wanted to make sure we were located on the map exactly in the spot I would propose."

The map, which took him two days to draw, cut, and laminate, is a journey of their life together, so far.

"I broke it up into four major parts of our lives: where we met, our first memories, college, and the present," said Evan.


There's Penn State, where they both went to college:

Evan Onuskanych

"Deike was my college building, HHD was hers, Forum was where we had most of our freshman classes, Pollock Commons was where we lived freshman year, and East Halls was where we were both Resident Assistants. ... I added some of our closest friends on the map, too, who are a part of our journey."

As for the actual wedding, Evan said he thinks they're definitely going to add small, subtle hints of Harry Potter to the celebration.

Evan Onuskanych

"If she had her way, the whole thing would be Harry Potter themed."