4 Murder Mystery Mini-Series To Watch Once "True Detective" Is Over

What are you going to do once Marty and Rust solve their Louisiana mystery this Sunday? Start binge-watching all of the mini-series that you can get your hands on, of course. All of them.

If you’re a fan of whodunits then you better add these four murder-mysteries to your queue.

1. Top of the Lake

In seven beautifully filmed episodes, Elisabeth Moss, who won a Golden Globe for her portrayal of Detective Robin Griffin, sets out to find a missing girl in a small New Zealand town. Plus, Holly Hunter plays a super strange woman who lives in a bungalow in a field, and one of the actors from “Zenon: The Zequel” is in it. So, there’s that.

Where to watch: Netflix

2. The Fall

Mysteries don’t usually start off by revealing who the murderer is, but that’s the brilliance behind “The Fall.” The psychological thriller simultaneously follows a detective played by Gillian Anderson (of “The X-Files” fame) and a serial killer played by Jamie Dornan (of “Fifty Shades of Grey” fame).

Where to watch: Netflix

3. Broadchurch

In the world of TV mini-series, the best secrets are small-town secrets, and man, oh, man does this British coastal town have some juicy ones. Also, the ITV/BBC America show stars David Tennant and is being adapted by the U.S., so you know it must be good.

Where to watch: Amazon/iTunes

4. The Bletchley Circle

A period piece and a murder-mystery all in one? Yup, it’s another British mini-series. Set in 1952, four ex-wartime code-breakers work together to catch a serial killer. (If you like underdog female characters proving people wrong, then you’ll love this.)

Where to watch: Netflix

The mini-series addiction is real.

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