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    27 Decorating Tips We Learned From “Fixer Upper” Star Joanna Gaines’ Beautiful Instagram Account

    Shiplap! Shiplap! Shiplap!

    1. It's always about the finishing touches.

    2. Keep things clean and simple.

    3. If you're going for a timeless look, then it's all about the black and white tiles.

    4. Make things personal with a creative note.

    5. Texture, texture, texture, texture.

    6. Restoration is the way to go. Just because it's old doesn't mean it can't be new again.

    7. Pick up some metal mesh, chalkboards, magnets and a wooden frame to create an epic chore chart that will trick your kids into thinking chores are cool.

    8. If you have drop ceilings, find some fun antique ceiling tins to jazz the place up.

    9. Use white and a fun color to brighten up a room.

    10. Washboards aren't just washboards...

    11. ...and window frames aren't just window frames.

    12. Reclaimed wood is perfect for updating plain built-ins.

    13. Make your spaces functional! You might as well use whatever you're putting on that rack.

    14. Pipes just aren't for water anymore, folks.

    15. Eclectic vintage drinking glasses and napkin ring holders will make people ooh and ahh when they come over for a meal.

    16. Throw in some wood accents to help balance out a room with different colors and patterns.

    17. There's always room to add more plants...

    18. ...and fresh flowers.

    19. Create some open shelving to give your kitchen an airy feel.

    20. Wanna make those new French doors look old? Install a surface bolt and old door knob hardware.

    21. Use a technique called "German smear" to a give bricks a more cottage-like feel.

    22. If you're going for a vintage look, it's all about distressing the furniture.

    23. Light fixtures are a way to add character and define a room.

    24. If you really think about it, anything can be storage.

    25. Use woodstumps to create fun bedside tables, vanities, coffee bars, and more.

    26. Putting sliding doors in your home is more than doable (and doesn't cost a fortune). It's all about getting the track!

    27. And, finally, in true Joanna fashion, you need to get some natural light goin' on in your home.