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    21 Hilarious Tweets About Voldemort

    "Confession: I often read VERMONT as VOLDEMORT."

    1. Poor life choices:

    2. Oh, Voldy:

    3. Nose jokes:

    4. One more nose joke:

    5. Words are tough:

    6. Kanye = "I Am Lord Voldemort":

    CollegeHumor / Via

    (This is fake, but it's real in our hearts.)

    7. All of us:

    8. Um, good question:

    9. Another good question:

    10. Nah:

    11. Accurate:

    12. Mean Girls vibes:

    13. Alternate reality:

    14. Yup:

    15. Tender kisses:

    16. Come out, come out wherever you are:

    17. The "original flat white":

    A dark coffee, please. #Starbucks #Voldemort

    Twitter: @MuggleNet

    18. Arts and Crafts, but more fun:

    19. Bitter:

    20. Sounds right:

    21. The debate to end all debates:

    Entertainment One / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ST0RMPlL0TS

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