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17 Problems Only People Who Move Back Home Will Understand

Say goodbye to privacy. It doesn't exist anymore.

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1. Meeting new people and having to tell them that you live at home with your parents.

2. Getting guilt-tripped into hanging out with your parents.

3. Texting your parents updates of where you are at all times.

4. Sleeping in your childhood bedroom. Specifically, sleeping in a twin bed.

5. And then failing to bring someone home to that twin bed.

6. Getting dropped off at bars by your parents.

7. And then getting picked up at the bar by your parents.

8. Waking up to a list of chores to do. You're their maid now.

9. Spending 20% of your day teaching your parents how to use the computer.

10. Becoming so bored that you talk to your pets when your parents are at work. They're your best friends now.

11. Spending the entire day in your pajamas.

12. Being asked a million questions at the dinner table.

13. Realizing that you no longer have any privacy. There are no secrets.

14. Sneaking food into your room because your parents only want you to eat healthy things.

15. And while you're in that room, secretly drinking wine so your parents won't judge you.

16. Never getting through a show without one of your parents interrupting it.

17. Using living at home as an excuse for being anti-social.

But at the end of the day, at least someone is feeding you and loving you.

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