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16 Times "Parenthood" Made You Ugly Cry

Sometimes "Parenthood" makes you cry happy tears. These are not those times. SPOILERS, AHEAD.

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1. When Julia walks into the hospital expecting to hold her new child, but instantly realizes Zoe is going to keep her baby.

2. When Haddie hugs her parents goodbye before she leaves for college, and all of your own memories come flooding back to you.

3. When Amber finally tells her dad how much he sucks as a father, and you see just how much pain he has caused her.

4. When Drew basically tells his mom that he needs his dad more than her.

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5. When Kristina tries to be strong and tells Adam that she has cancer.

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And your world falls apart.

6. ...And then when Kristina tells the whole Braverman clan that she has cancer in the most emotional silent scene ever. EVER.

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Just look at all of the sadness on their faces.

7. When Kristina makes the most heart-wrenching video for her kids in case she doesn't beat cancer.

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Is anyone else bawling right now?

8. When Drew weeps uncontrollably in his mom's arms after Amy gets her abortion.

9. When Zeek comes to comfort Amber at the police station after Ryan is arrested for completely beating up Oliver.

10. When Amber just needs her mom to hold her after she breaks up with Ryan.

11. ... And then gets stupid drunk and confronts her father because she fears that she's turning into him.

12. ... And then has to finally say goodbye to Ryan before he goes back to war.

13. When Julia begs Joel not give up on their marriage after she kisses another man.

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14. When Joel tells Julia he's moving out while Julia pleads for him to stay.

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No, no, no, no, no.

15. And when Julia tells her parents her marriage is over.

16. And when they both tell the kids. Basically any time anyone talks about Julia and Joel's divorce, there is crying.

Still not even close to being okay with this.
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Still not even close to being okay with this.

Oh, and it turns out that the cast has a drinking game for how often the show makes people cry.

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Bottoms up.

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