23 Body-Positive Tips That Aren't Garbage

    Because you're really freaking rad.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they've learned to love their bodies. Here's the awesome advice we got back:

    1. Don't be a shady bitch to yourself. You don't deserve that.

    2. And don't put down anyone else's body either.

    3. When you look in the mirror, point out all the things you like about yourself — even if they seem small.

    4. Reframe your "flaws" as benefits. Stretch marks? Um, try evidence of CARRYING HUMAN LIFE.

    5. Realize that your weight is just one VERY small detail.

    6. Ditto for your clothing size.

    7. If the scale gives you anxiety or makes you feel shitty, throw it out.

    8. Learn to take a compliment.

    9. Appreciate all of the epically badass things your body can do.

    10. But don't feel pressured to absolutely adore every inch of yourself.

    11. Don't let yourself be defined by any bodily issue or limitation. Your strength and self worth are not dependent on that.

    12. Exercise for the sake of feeling better — not looking better.

    13. Set goals that have zero to do with your appearance.

    14. Surround yourself with positive vibes.

    15. And find a supportive squad that can keep you positive even when you feel like crap.

    16. And when you're feeling particularly awesome, celebrate that.

    17. Don't compare yourself to someone else. Every body is beautiful.

    18. And don't compare yourself to 10-years-ago-you either. Squeezing into those jeans from 2004 will not make you a better person.

    19. Buy clothes you actually enjoy wearing and feel great in.

    20. Maybe get a dog.

    21. Realize that your self worth has very little to do with your actual body.

    22. Say "thank you" every once in a while. Your body has actually been through a lot.

    23. Try to give zero fucks. Or at least less fucks.