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10 Horrible Things Hangovers Do To Your Body

You thought nausea and headaches were the worst of it? Ha, nope.

If this was you at 11p.m. last night:

Then this is probably you now:

Sure, you were expecting a headache and maybe some vomiting, but why does it feel like you got hit by a tractor trailer?

1. You hurt like hell, thanks to a brutal combo of inflammation and being able to feel pain again.

2. Your heart rate and anxiety levels may skyrocket.

3. The alcohol in your system wreaks havoc on your sleep patterns.

4. If you can fall asleep, you might have nightmares, thanks to the increase in REM sleep.

This is another one of those strange rebound effects from the alcohol. Since drinking can screw with your sleep and keep you up, it can increase REM sleep when you finally do pass out. And since nightmares are more likely to occur during REM sleep, that explains why you’re having dream after dream about running from that creepy mask in the Saw movies.

5. An endorphin crash can make you feel sad and weepy.

6. If you have an alcohol intolerance, you may be super congested.

7. Dehydration can give you a serious case of face puffiness.

8. Your stomach… holy shit… literally.

9. Your brain doesn't work so good.

10. You may get suuuuper dizzy.