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24 Dog Pictures That Will Make You Say "Me On My Period"

These sweatpants are all that fit me right now.

1. When you literally feel it coming.

2. When this is the only comfortable position.

3. When you're contemplating whether or not to call in sick with PMS.

4. When someone suggests that your bad mood is the result of PMS.

5. When you have to sneeze but you know it's risky.

6. When your period comes with a face full of pimples.

7. When you realize you and your friend have ~synced up~.

8. When everything hurts.

9. When this wine is really helping your cramps.

10. When bae just wants to hold you and you're like "please kindly fuck off."

11. When it's day two and you can't be trusted with pretty underwear.

12. When you have to venture out into the world to get tampons.

13. When you've officially had it with everyone around you.

14. When someone suggests exercising to get rid of your cramps.

15. When you don't know why you're crying but you can't stop.

16. When all you want is carbs in and around your mouth.

17. When the period shits start.

18. When someone asks why you're taking your bag to the bathroom.

19. When you wake up and realize you bled through your tampon.

20. When your boobs have swelled to twice their size.

21. When no amount of caffeine is waking you up.

22. When you want to have sex, and they say, "But aren't you on your period?"

23. When you're sorry for what you said while PMSing.

24. When you think it's finally over and then....