Here's How I Actually Became A Morning Workout Person

    From someone who definitely hates mornings more than you do.

    Hi, I'm Casey and I hate mornings.

    I especially hate working out in the morning.

    The problem with putting my workout at the bottom of my to-do list is that it often gets bumped when something else comes along.

    So, in an effort to transform myself into A Person Who Works Out In the Morning, I decided to go all in for a month.

    1. Don't expect to just wake up an hour earlier and change your whole damn life.

    2. Start off waking up just early enough to get in a decent workout. Then make it a little earlier the next week.

    3. If possible, try to make this change in the summer, when mornings are a little less awful.

    4. You don't have to have breakfast before your workout if you don't want to. Figure out what works best for your body.

    5. Downing half a cup of coffee right when you get out of bed is probably not a bad idea.

    6. You need to make it ridiculously easy to get up and out the door in the morning.

    7. When all else fails to get you out of bed in the morning, have a mantra ready to go.

    8. Schedule at least one session with a trainer to find out how to be most efficient in your workouts.

    9. Write down your workouts ahead of time so you don't waste any time in the gym.

    10. Fun fact: Things will come up that will make you want to cancel your morning workouts, too.

    11. Have so much protein. Then have more protein.

    12. Actually celebrate your new free time. But also don't go out drinking every night.

    13. Make sure you're actually getting enough sleep and recovery.

    14. As much as it blows, getting up around the same time every day will really make mornings easier.

    15. On that note, when you start to feel like it's becoming a habit, keep going!

    16. But if after a while you realize it's definitely not getting easier, you might just need to accept that your body isn't wired that way.

    So, am I a morning workout person yet? Ugh, yes.

    It's been a week since the challenge ended, and I've (more or less) stuck with my morning workout routine.

    Ok, admittedly I haven't made it to the gym on five mornings this week (because it turns out life gets in the way of morning workouts sometimes too). But, on the days I do make it, I actually find it easier to squeeze in a morning workout than a night workout. And — here's the clincher — I actually enjoy them more now. I know. I don't even recognize myself.