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    17 Life-Changing Tips For Allergy Sufferers

    Why is there so much pollen in and around my face?

    Ah, spring, the beautiful time of year when trees and flowers are trying to kill you.

    1. First, here's how to tell if it's allergies or something else.

    2. Ideally you want to start taking allergy meds before your symptoms are kicking your ass.

    3. Most people start with an over-the-counter allergy pill, like a long-acting antihistamine tablet.

    4. Anything with "D" on the label also contains a decongestant, which experts do not recommend taking for more than a few days.

    5. If your allergies are still bad even with a pill, you can try adding an over-the-counter nasal steroid.

    6. But allergists don't recommend decongestant nose sprays for allergies, because you can get addicted to them.

    7. You can also clear out your sinuses with a neti pot or sinus rinse.

    8. If you're super congested, try breathing in some steam before you use a nasal steroid.

    9. If you have any coughing or chest congestion, check in with a doctor or allergist.

    10. For super-itchy eyes, there are also over-the-counter allergy eye drops.

    11. And try to avoid wearing contacts during allergy season.

    12. Keep your bedroom window closed overnight, since the majority of pollen blooms around dawn.

    13. And skip the morning runs. Opt for night runs or working out in a gym instead.

    14. Take a shower and change your clothes as soon as you come inside.

    15. If you have pets that go outside, clean them more often during allergy season, too.

    16. Don't forget about indoor allergies that might be screwing with you too.

    17. When literally nothing is working, check in with an allergist to find out what's up.

    Good luck out there, everyone.