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    There's A New Campaign To "Legalize" The Word Vagina

    Because why not?

    How comfortable are you saying the word "vagina"?

    Hopefully very comfortable, since it's the anatomically correct word for a body part that about half the population has.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people still aren't cool with saying — or even hearing — the word.

    In a 2015 survey from the UK, 66% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 said they were embarrassed to use the word "vagina" — even with a doctor.

    In 2012, Michigan State Rep. Lisa Brown was banned from speaking on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives after saying "vagina" in the context of strict anti-abortion proposals.

    And just this year, a substitute art teacher was let go after using the word "vagina" in a lesson about Georgia O'Keeffe's artwork (the school said she was terminated over concerns about following the district art curriculum).

    Not to mention the recent reports of censorship on social media when it comes to sexual content — even if it's about sexual health or sex education.

    So this new public health awareness campaign wants us to start saying "vagina" loud and proud.

    Facebook: LegalizeV

    The Legalize V campaign was launched today by a pretty impressive roster of female business leaders, including gynecologists and CEOs of companies dedicated to women's sexual and reproductive health.

    They came up with a hilarious video poking fun at how "vagina" seems to be censored in our culture — and why that's ridiculous.

    For starters, it's a lot better (and more accurate) than using words like "vajayjay," "cooch," or "hoo-ha."

    Some people still don't know the difference between the vulva, labia, uterus, and vagina. Using vague references like "down there" when we're referring to sex organs isn't going to help anyone understand their anatomy.

    It also claps back at the idea that a vagina — or sexual health in general — is something to be embarrassed about or ashamed of.

    Maybe if we were all more comfortable talking about penises and vaginas — and not giggling or blushing at the mere mention — we would also be more likely to talk openly about issues related to sexual and reproductive health, like getting tested, understanding consent, and knowing your body so you can have a great sex life.

    But even though the video deliberately censored the word "vagina," Facebook already took down the ad for the campaign, citing "profane language."

    Courtesy of Legalize V

    According to a spokesperson for Legalize V, they attempted to promote the video on Facebook and were rejected. When they tried to appeal, they received the following response from Facebook:

    “Your ad wasn’t approved because the video used in the ad has profane language. Such ads may offend users and lead to high negative sentiment. The language of the ad should be focused on the product and not users. You can recreate your post with these guidelines in mind and try to boost it again. If you used ad creation, you can edit it in your Ads Manager.”

    Even though the Legalize V Facebook page is still live, Facebook currently isn't allowing the campaigners to promote it through a paid ad.

    1. So, how comfortable are you with the word "vagina?"

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    So, how comfortable are you with the word "vagina?"
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      I say it all the time! Vagina vagina vagina.
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      I mean, I say it whenever I'm referring to a vagina, but it doesn't just come up in casual conversation...
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      It's not usually my go-to word when I'm talking about vaginas. I'd rather use another word for it.
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      I barely ever use the word vagina to refer to vaginas.
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      I'm really uncomfortable with it and would prefer to use literally any other word.
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      I just never talk about vaginas, OK?!

    Check out the full video here:

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