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18 Times Bad Sex Happened To Good People

Try, try again.

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If we're being honest here, sex can be awkward, messy, sloppy, and not exactly flawless.

Netflix / Via orangeis.tumblr.com

But that doesn't necessarily mean the sex is bad. Awkward sex can be great sex — especially if you can laugh about it and just roll with the weirdness. So if you can relate to any of these completely uncalled for sex fails, then congratulations — you're normal.

6. When someone's body makes a ridiculous sound and you're just like, WTF is that?

Nickelodeon / Miramax / Via weknowmemes.com

Do you acknowledge it? Do you power through? WHAT IS THE ETIQUETTE FOR QUEEFING?

8. Or when a vagina is all “Nope, sorry, not today.”


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