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Tell Us About Your Abortion

Any details you'd like to give, we'd like to hear.

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Because no one story can speak for everyone who's been there, it's more important than ever to share the wide range of experiences that people face in this situation.

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That's because there are countless reasons why someone might terminate a pregnancy, just like there are countless factors that will contribute to each person's experience — like their location, age, insurance, and the laws that may restrict access based on someone's unique circumstances. Not to mention their personal views and values on the subject.

Maybe your abortion was an easy decision and a relatively quick procedure; maybe this was a wanted pregnancy, but a health complication interfered; maybe you experienced so many barriers to access or afford an abortion that you attempted to terminate the pregnancy yourself; maybe you regret your choice; maybe your abortion wasn't really your choice at all.

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We're interested in showing a wide range of voices and experiences to get a better view of what people have gone through — regardless of their circumstances.

We want to hear about your abortion experience.

You can submit your story (anonymously if you'd like) in the form below. You can also view the form here, which might be easier on mobile. Feel free to include as few or as many details as you'd like.