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    Here's What To Eat Today If You Ate Literally Everything Yesterday

    Just say no to juice cleanses.

    If you're currently feeling bloated, swollen, and extra gassy, then congratulations. You probably had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    But swearing off solid foods won't actually help you feel better faster. Really.

    First of all, you probably won't actually gain weight from a single day of stuffing your face.

    Whatever you do, don't skip breakfast.

    Instead, eat a light, protein-rich breakfast within two hours of waking up.

    Obviously you're going to eat leftovers for lunch. Just stick with turkey and veggies to get things, um, moving.

    Now is not the time for ~cleanses~ or ~detoxing~.

    Seriously, drink so much water.

    Maybe swear off booze today and tomorrow.

    And don't just say fuck it until January.

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