This New Study Says Birth Control Pills Might Affect Your Well-Being

    But it really depends on the pill and the person.

    Starting a new birth control method can be tricky. Aside from actually picking a method, you might also have to put up with some annoying side effects as your body adjusts to a new medication.

    A new double-blind study out of Sweden took a closer look at how people feel after starting a new birth control method. They gave 340 women either birth control pills or a placebo for three months.

    Before and after the study, all the participants took questionnaires designed to measure well-being and depression.

    So why did women taking the pill feel more meh than women taking the placebo?

    It's also possible that the women in the birth control group were experiencing some of the common side effects that happen when you first start hormonal birth control.

    But there are also some study limitations worth nothing here.

    If you take anything away from this study, it should be that not all birth control pills are alike, and the same formulation won't work for everyone.