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    17 Insanely Easy Ways To Be A Bit More Charming

    How to listen, talk, and ~connect~ better. Inspired by this Quora thread.

    1. Stop relying on complaints as an icebreaker.

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    It's really tempting to create a rapport with someone based on how freaking freezing it is in your office or how gross the appetizers are at a party, but...don't. You want an excuse to start a conversation, but you don't want to seem like a whiny, negative person. Break the ice with a positive observation instead.

    2. Make someone feel like an expert.

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    When you want someone's help or opinion on something, stroke their ego a little bit when you ask. Something like "You're so great with Excel sheets, do you mind giving me a quick crash course?" just sounds a lot better than "Please please teach me Excel because I literally can't."

    3. Introduce people with a thoughtful compliment.

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    This just makes you look like an awesome person, plus it gives some context to the people who are meeting for the first time. Something like "This is Susan, the most rockstar chef I know. Susan, this is Dave, the one who runs that hilarious podcast I'm always talking about." Easy peasy.

    4. Follow up with someone when they get interrupted. / Via

    If someone's telling a story and gets cut off by a waiter or phone call or whatever, remind them of what they were talking about whenever they're free again. Not only is it super respectful and nice, but it shows that you were actually listening and interested.

    5. Be chill with awkward silences.

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    Being comfortable and confident during a lull in the conversation can be more impressive than rushing to fill the silence.

    6. Actually remember everyone's name. / Via BuzzFeed Life

    So hard, but so important. Try repeating someone's name when you're introduced. If that still doesn't work, try a little word association (in your head!). Like OK, that's Mary, who's Mary-ed to Steve. Whatever works.

    7. Never ditch the person you came with.

    8. Accept the damn compliment.

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    Fight the urge to meet every compliment with a rebuttal. You know the kind...

    Person A: "I love your outfit!"

    Person B: "Ugh, it was the only clean thing I could find to cover up how bloated and gross I am today."

    Person A: "Oh, um, OK."

    Congratulations, you just made everyone feel awkward and uncomfortable. Try to make a habit of saying THANKS and maybe even adding your own compliment, too.

    9. Drop your tongue when you're listening.

    10. Don't talk to someone with a cell phone in your hand.

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    Even if you're not looking at it or typing on it, it's super distracting for everyone involved. If it's already a habit, just throw it in your pocket or bag whenever you're having a conversation.

    11. Talk about ideas, not people.

    12. Respond in a way that proves you were actually listening.

    Not, like, in an obnoxious way, but just respond thoughtfully — especially when someone is venting. Instead of a simple "Ugh, that's the worst" add in some details, like "I can't believe they forgot your guac AGAIN. Especially since you ASKED if it was in there."

    13. Dole out genuine compliments whenever they come to you.

    14. Reciprocate questions to get to know someone.

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    It's the easiest way to keep a conversation going and show someone that you're interested in talking to them. It's as easy as "And how about you?"

    15. Be someone who gives great eye contact.

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    You want to strike that delicate balance between creepy, unblinking eye contact and confident, thoughtful eye contact. So don't overcompensate by widening your eyes, leaning in too much, or refusing to blink — just make a point to meet someone's gaze when you're having a conversation.

    16. When talking to a group, actually look at everyone in the group.

    You don't have to count out five seconds of eye contact for each person, but just be mindful of your body language and your gaze when addressing several people. It's an easy way to seem personal, confident, and outgoing.

    17. Say "please" and "thank you," FFS.