Here's The Truth About Pineapple And Oral Sex

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    This week's question:

    First things first, your vagina probably smells and tastes exactly like a vagina.

    But OK FINE we're curious, too. Given that everyone smells and tastes a bit different, is there anything you can (safely) do to make yourself more...appetizing?

    Have all the chocolate and pineapple you want, but that's not necessarily going to make your juices taste like, well, juice.

    "The best way to have a healthy vagina is to eat healthy," says Gunter.

    Overall hygiene is also super important.

    But don't go crazy cleaning your genitals — that can actually make things worse.

    So what about semen? Do all these rules still apply?

    The bottom line: A healthy diet and proper hygiene will probably affect your smell and taste, but tbh, there's nothing wrong with it in the first place.

    "A vagina should smell and taste like a vagina," says Gunter. "You're either interested or not."

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