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27 Wild Places People Actually Had Sex While Traveling

What is it about traveling that makes you want to get weird?

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest place they've had sex while traveling. Here's what they had to say:

Mark Leo / Creative Commons / Flo Perry / BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: markleo

Disclaimer: Having sex in pubic is illegal. So remember that before trying this (not) at home.

1. Right next to Niagara Falls in New York:

Jack Amick / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: spyker3292

"At Niagara Falls on the American side right where the water falls off the edge. I don't know how we pulled it off, but it was right as the sun was setting too. We stopped there on a road trip and suddenly found ourselves without people around us (I think it was starting to close) and we just did it right there on the bank in the trees. It was really cool with the water pouring off right there, super overload on the senses."

—Elizabeth Marie, Facebook


4. On the Olympic Rings statue at Whistler Olympic Plaza in British Columbia:

Instagram: @ashley_binns / Via

"Before I was official with my girlfriend we went on a ski trip to Whistler, BC. After a few drinks the first night there we were walking back and noticed that there was a MASSIVE Olympic Rings statue in the absolute center of town — I’m talking a lot of foot traffic — that caught our eye because it was pretty majestic and lit up. We walked over to look at it, and I ended up sitting in it for picture and then when I laid down I discovered it was almost like laying in a hammock.

My soon-to-be-girlfriend then straddled me in the middle ring and we joked about having sex there. Next thing I know my pants are around my ankles and hers are just thrown on the sidewalk with her long jacket hiding a bit but not much and we are going at it in the center of Olympic Plaza. About midway through the deed it hit 2 a.m. and all the surrounding bars kicked their patrons out so there were dozens of people walking through the plaza. It’s safe to say more than a few people saw us. We couldn’t believe what we had pulled off."


6. In a hostel bathroom in Costa Rica:

Kevin Zamani / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: xbleh

"I was volunteering in a medical clinic in San Jose, Costa Rica. On the weekend, some other volunteers and I made our way to Manuel Antonio on the Pacific Coast. She was a cute Canadian girl who was volunteering in childcare. Long story short, after quite a few drinks it all began on the beach at around midnight and eventually led to the hostel bathroom where we broke two stalls. That was the last time with a girl before I came out of the closet. #pride"

—Cody Johnson, Facebook


11. In an abandoned power plant in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

Mike Alexander / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: mikealex

"In the middle of the day, with a musician I met the night before. He had me backed up against a huge pillar, we made out like crazy, and he went down on me."


12. On a jet ski off the coast of Turkey:

Mark Leo / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: markleo

"While holidaying in Turkey I had sex in the strangest place I could possibly think of. We got drunk one night and headed down to the beach where we met these Turkish guys who owned a water sports place. One of the guys offered to show me the turtles, out at sea, on a jet ski. So I stripped down to my underwear, put on a life jacket and jumped on the back of the jet ski. Once we were so far out at sea that we could no longer see land, he turned off the engine and we had sex. Right there. On a jet ski, in the middle of the sea at 2 a.m. I’m still surprised that we both managed to stay on the jet ski!"


13. In the back of a local kebab shop:

Simon Lee / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: aphexlee

"While living abroad, I used to enjoy a great late-night kebab after a round of drinks with my friends. After multiple nights of flirting with the shop owner, the sexual tension was so high that he asked for my number so that we could see each other that night. I later returned to the shop and we proceeded to go into the back room and have sex on top of the freezer. It was so naughty and erotic because we had to keep it down since customers could have come in at any time."


14. At a castle on the coast of Ireland:

Rosario Fiore / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 38703275@N06

"My husband and I found a little spot off a walking path. Seeing the lights and shadows from the rooms coupled with the nearby walking path made for a suspenseful good time."



15. At a deserted wellness resort in Amsterdam:

Pete Sneekes / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: p8

"While traveling around Europe, my boyfriend and I stopped in Amsterdam for a night and booked a yurt through Airbnb located in a small wellness resort. We were super excited to learn that we would be the only ones in the entire resort for the night (even the owners left to go home), and after a day wandering through the city together and going to the famous Sex Museum we couldn’t wait to get our hands on each other. Best sex of my life and such a great memory!"



20. At a very disappointing zoo in the Bahamas:

Dragan DL / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 77769672@N04

"We honeymooned in the Bahamas at an all-inclusive resort. There wasn’t much that we couldn’t do on the resort so the only time we left was to visit a zoo which online looked great. We got there and it turned out half the exhibits had died and not been replaced. So what’s better than sex in a tropical place with flamingos walking around you? Definitely won’t be forgetting that anytime soon."



24. The Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley, California:

Jitze Couperus / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: jitze1942

"We could see for miles in every direction, so we tore off each other’s clothes and went for it, right out in the open. Seven years of marriage, in one of the driest places on earth, and we’re still on top of our A-game!"


26. On a private patio in Thailand:

supercake / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: supercake

"Overlooking the sea and islands. Large stone jacuzzi with a bubble bath going, and our own private infinity pool. It was even better than it sounds."



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