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27 Wild Places People Actually Had Sex While Traveling

What is it about traveling that makes you want to get weird?

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the wildest place they've had sex while traveling. Here's what they had to say:

1. Right next to Niagara Falls in New York:

2. On a nude beach in Barcelona:

3. In a lifeboat on the Semester at Sea ship:

4. On the Olympic Rings statue at Whistler Olympic Plaza in British Columbia:

5. In the supply closet at Wrigley Filed in Chicago:

6. In a hostel bathroom in Costa Rica:

7. In an abandoned guard tower on the Great Wall of China:

8. On a riverboat in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam:

9. In a Las Vegas, Nevada stairwell:

10. The captain's deck of the Queen Mary:

11. In an abandoned power plant in Dubrovnik, Croatia:

12. On a jet ski off the coast of Turkey:

13. In the back of a local kebab shop:

14. At a castle on the coast of Ireland:

15. At a deserted wellness resort in Amsterdam:

16. On the balcony of a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean:

17. In the Times Square M&Ms store photo booth in New York City:

18. Out in the open in the Andes Mountains in South America:

19. Inside Union Station in D.C.:

20. At a very disappointing zoo in the Bahamas:

21. In Red Rock Canyon in Nevada:

22. On an Amtrak:

23. In the ocean off the coast of Aruba:

24. The Devil’s Golf Course in Death Valley, California:

25. On the roof of a pub in England:

26. On a private patio in Thailand:

27. In the middle of the Amazon rainforest in Peru:

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