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11 Very Simple Ways To Feel Better About Your Body

Your body doesn't always feel like a wonderland and that is OK.

~Love your body~ is a thing that people say all the time, like it's a super easy and actionable thing to do.

1. Smile in the mirror.

2. Create something.

3. Take a long, hot shower while you practice your Oscars speech.

4. Give mental compliments to everyone you pass.

5. Give yourself the same pep talk you would give your best friend.

6. Do something that tests your strength, endurance, or coordination.

7. Come up with a badass mantra that actually gets you pumped up.

8. Write down what's currently stressing you out about your body, and then crumple that up and throw it in the trash.

9. Eat something that both feels and tastes good.

10. Masturbate.

11. Finally, don't pressure yourself to love your body. Let yourself feel how you feel.

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